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Apr 24 2012

Grease Trap Maintenance

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Grease trap installation cleaning and maintenance is essential to remove Fats, Oils & Greases (FOG)  and is required by Irish law.

What is a Grease trap?

A grease trap is an external collection tank usually required for restaurants and  takeaways which collects “FOG” (Fats, Oils & Grease ).

Cork County Council controls the discharge of FOG to public sewers by issuing Trade  Effluent Licences (TELs) to FSEs in accordance with Section 16 of the Water Pollution Act.

What are Fats, Oils & Greases (FOG) ?

FOG is a liquid waste generated in commercial kitchens during food preparation and washing up. It originates from butter, lard, vegetable fats, oils, meats, nuts, cereals, etc. It is washed down the drain into the public sewer where it cools, solidifies and accumulates and eventually causes a blockage. FOG also causes problems at waste treatment plants so it is important these liquids are collected in grease traps.

Installing & Maintaining a Grease Trap

Most FSE Operators will be required by the TEL to install and maintain a grease trap to limit the amount of FOG discharged by the FSE to the public sewer. More than one grease trap may be required for larger FSEs. The grease trap will separate the FOG from the wastewater. The FOG then rises to the top of the trap for eventual collection and disposal.
Grease Traps should be located downstream of the following:
• Pot sinks;
• Rinse sinks;
• Soup kettles or similar devices;
• Dishwashers;
• Steam combination ovens;
• Water cooled wok ranges;
• Any other sinks, fixtures or drains through which a significant amount of oil, fat or
grease may be introduced.

Please note that grease traps that use chemicals or enzymes additives to dissolve the collected FOG are not acceptable to Cork County Council.  Bacteria additives only may be used where the FSE Operator has demonstrated to Cork County Council or its agents that the use of such additives enables compliance with the conditions of the TEL.

Emptying Grease Traps

Grease traps must be cleaned on a regular basis to ensure the continued removal of FOG and also to prevent odours. Generally, grease traps should be cleaned when FOG and food solids occupy 25% of the grease trap. FOG should be removed from the top of the  chamber and food solids should be removed from the bottom of the trap. Frequency of  cleaning will depend on the grease trap, throughput, kitchen practices, and the type and size of FSE.

It is recommended that the services of a specialist contractor should be engaged to clean the grease trap and to remove and treat the waste material. This contractor shall have a waste collection permit and shall transfer the solid waste from the bottom of the grease trap to a permitted composting facility. The FOG fraction of the waste material may be recyclable. Cork County Council recommends that the FSE Operator enters into a written contract with the contractor for the cleaning of the grease trap and for the removal and treatment of the waste material for an agreed period of time.

Countywide Drain Services Ltd is an approved Grease trap and inceptor tank cleaner and holds all related permits for the safe cleaning of grease traps.

For more information, contact us today on 021 7334550 or fill in details here 


Mar 14 2012

Register your Septic Tank

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Looking to register your septic tank?

If you have heard all the news about the new Irish septic tank regulations and are looking to register your tank with your local authorities, you might have found it difficult to find out how to register.

This is because legislation governing the controversial proposals has not yet fully passed though the Oireachtas, although it is expected that registration will then commence around mid April.

Don’t worry…

Mr. Phil Hogan, T.D., Minister for the Environment, Community and Local Government,  is urging rural households not to fear the new system. ”It’s hugely important that we comply as a nation with the legislation,” he says.”I am not introducing this legislation because I want to, it’s to address a European Court of Justice ruling against Ireland from October 2009. Failure to comply would mean a lump-sum penalty of €2.7m, and fines of over €26,000 per day – more than €9.5m per annum”.


Government recently announced that there would be an initial 5 euro registration charge for the first three months to encourage householders to register. Following that period, the registration charge will be 50 euros. The registration system is currently being developed and is expected to be ready in mid April. I will announce full details of how people can register after the conclusion of this consultation process.”

Can’t wait or still worried?

Countywide Drain Services Ltd have developed a service for households where they will clean the tank and include an free engineers inspection if needed. They can also offer advice on the new regulations.

Contact them today if you live in the Munster area on 021 7334550 or check out Septic Tank Inspection Service promotion



Mar 12 2012

Septic Tank Clean & Inspection Promotion 2012

With all the enquiries regarding the new septic tank regulations in Ireland and the confusion it is creating, we have been working on a new service to give our customers piece of mind.

See below for our new promotion which includes a Free septic tank inspection when we empty your tank. If our qualified team think that your tank may fail the new inspection which will be launched by local councils soon, we will send out one of our certified engineers to provide a independent detailed report on your spetic tank or bio unit free of charge.

This will give you piece of mind when you need to register the tank with your local authority in the future.

Septic Tank Inspection and empty promotion from Countywide


Click on Septic Tank Inspection Promotion to download a pdf version of this offer.

If you have any questions on this offer or any of the other services Countywide Drain Services Ltd provide, phone  office today 021 7334550 or email us direct


Feb 22 2012

Our Fleet of Drain Cleaning Trucks

Here is a selection of some of our drain cleaning trucks and vans that you can look out for on the roads throughout Munster and Ireland.

As you can see, we have a large selection of equipment and trucks to suit all jobs from domestic work in estates to large waste plants.


Countywide Drain Truck



Septic tank and Sludge emptying truck





Mobile drain cleaning truck

Mobile drain cleaning and tank emptying truck suitable for city work





Mobile drain CCTV van


Our Mobile CCTV surveillance van to check out drains before any digging is needed.





Drain power jet truck



For cleaning drains, our high pressure jetting hose is suitable for all jobs.




Countywide Drain location



Why not visit out website Drain Cleaning Ireland or contact one of our team on 0217334550 if you have any questions regarding your drainage systems.

Feb 15 2012

Septic Tank registration charge reduced to €5

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Rural householders in Ireland are to be offered a reduced septic tank registration charge fee of €5 if they register within the first three months of the new scheme.

The Irish government have been put under pressure by lobby groups sense they have introduced this regulation..

However under the proposed regulations, householders who do not avail of the incentive scheme will have to pay a registration charge of €50 to facilitate inspections of their tanks.


Contact one of our team today for details on Registering your septic tank

Full details on Septic tank Regulations Ireland


Feb 07 2012

Have you foul sewer smells in bathroom

Do you have bad sewer smells coming from your bathroom or around your home?


bad smells coming from bathroom


This is one of the most popular phone calls that we get at Countywide Drain Services and foul smells are an indicator that your sewage pipes may be blocked.



It can be difficult for home owners as the bad smell builds up over time so Continue reading “Have you foul sewer smells in bathroom” »

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Jan 17 2012

Blocked Drains & Sewer Problems


If your drain or sewer is blocked, there is a number of options you can try yourself to unclog the blockage and get the water flowing again.

1. Prepare

Clean the area around the blocked drain or pipe and move any objects. – It could get messy!

2. Unblock with Plunger

Use a plunger and place over the opening Continue reading “Blocked Drains & Sewer Problems” »

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Jan 06 2012

Win €200 Voucher from Countywide Drain Services

Facebook Competition

Here at Countywide we know that money can be a bit tight after the Christmas season, so because of the new septic tank regulations & to celebrate the New Year we are holding a competition exclusively for our Facebook fans!

Septic tank cleaning €200 voucher

To be in with a chance of winning a €200 voucher to clean out your septic tank/bio unit simply answer the following question:

Due to new legislation how much are the government charging Continue reading “Win €200 Voucher from Countywide Drain Services” »

Nov 21 2011

New Septic tank regulations Ireland

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From January 2012 , you will have to comply with new legislation in Ireland if you have a septic tank or bio treatment unit. We have created a post that should answer most of your questions on these new septic tank regulations.

What is the New septic tank legislation

The new legislation has been put in place to help Ireland as a nation to alleviate the problem of poor ground water quality. Every day our government is being penalised by the European Commission until it takes steps to enforce the rules for ground water quality which have been laid down. The majority of rural homes in Ireland have their domestic sewage treatment needs met by a septic tank. If you live outside of an urban area the likelihood is that your waste water is sent to a septic tank.

What does it mean if I have a septic tank?

If you have a septic tank or Continue reading “New Septic tank regulations Ireland” »

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Nov 14 2011

Welcome to the new Countywide Drain Services blog

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By offering complete services in drain cleaning and drain maintenance, we keep ourselves informed on new legislation and practices which we will share with you in this blog.

We have a FAQ but here we can supply information in more detail.

Feel free to add your drain pics and comments .


The Countywide drain services team.

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