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Jan 17 2012

Blocked Drains & Sewer Problems


If your drain or sewer is blocked, there is a number of options you can try yourself to unclog the blockage and get the water flowing again.

1. Prepare

Clean the area around the blocked drain or pipe and move any objects. – It could get messy!

2. Unblock with Plunger

Use a plunger and place over the opening but make sure any other holes are covered so you can build up pressure in the drain system. Pump the plunger and try this a few times . If this does not free up the blocked drain, move onto the next step.

3.  Drain Cleaner

Use a commercial drain cleaner fluid and read the instructions first. Add the amount into the pipe and after 10 minutes, pour water down the blocked drain and see if this will flush it clear. If this does not work, move to next step.

4. Remove pipe

If you can see the blocked pipe such as a toilet joint or sink pipe, try opening the joint . Make sure you have old cloths and a container that you can hold any leaked water. Open the joints with a plumbers wrench and once removed , use a metal clothes hanger to push out the clogged dirt or hair. Once done, check to see if its not blocked and place the pipe together and test. if this does not work, move to next step.

5. Drain Expert

If your sewer or drains are still blocked , call your local plumber or if in the Cork city or county area , phone Countywide Drain Services today on 0217334550 and speak to our domestic drain cleaning team who will assist and provide a competitive call out charge to unblock those clogged up drains hassle free. We have a 24 hour emergency service .

Check out the Drain Cleaning section on the website.


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