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drain re-habilitation and pipe relining

Pipe Relining and Drain Re-Habilitation;

Sewer and pipe lining - Renovation of broken and damaged
pipes and sewers:

Using a "cured in place pipe" renovation process, Countywide Drain Services Ltd. eliminates the need for expensive and disruptive excavations. Our cured in place pipe process consists of a polyurethane coated felt tube, impregnated with an ambient cure polyester resin and catalyst system. Water or air is then utilised to install the impregnated liner inside the old pipe where curing takes place within a few hours. The finished product is simply a new pipe formed inside the old pipe providing a smooth, corrosion resistant, structural lining that significantly prolongs the working life of the old pipe.

Top Hat and Patch repairs:

The Top Hat repair system is used to seal lateral connections that are damaged, leaking or taking in surface water. It is similar to the Localised Patch Repair where a length of lining material is impregnated with resin. The lining is installed over the defective section of drainage and is then held under pressure inside the drain until it is cured hard. Countywide Drain Services patch repair system can be used to stop water infiltration through leaking joints or damaged areas of pipe. Lateral or side connections can be reopened using our own lateral connection cutting robot.

Lateral and Intrusion Cutting:

Using a robotic cutter we can remove intruding connections from all pipe sizes. This robotic cutter can also reopen connection after relining or installation of patch repairs. Countywide Drain Services operates root and wamax cutters covering all of Ireland.

Benefits of "No Dig" Repairs and Renovation:

- It is cost effective against open cut methods of pipe replacement
- Fast Installation
- Increased safety for operatives in comparison to open cut excavation
- Good chemical and abrasive resistance
- Approved by all EU Water Authorities

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